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Why are you selling artwork on

From my perspective, is a great platform to reach potential clients for outdoor and public spaces. However, it is a specific market, and I am grateful to the CODA platform for opportunities for all of us to connect.

Tell a story about one or more particularly memorable commissions that you completed.

The Ernest Hemingway Foundation asked me to create a sculpture for the XVIII international Hemingway Conference in Paris. After 6 months of work, it became a series of 5 pieces, inspired by the study of Ernest Hemingway. Full of subtleties, like the iceberg, the poppy or even the position of the body, the series depicted the life of the famous writer from his return from WW1 until right before his death.

How is CODAworx meaningful for you?

It provides valuable services to us professionals. CODAworx creates value, allows us to connect, and gives us resources and information. My art is designed for public and outdoor spaces, and I plan to invest more time to connect through the platform.

What inspires the work you do?

My search for pure emotional language began when I returned from the brink of death on a surgical table at the age of ten. I relearned the world that spun as if my reality had not been forever altered. When I taught myself art 25 years later, I found a form that allowed me to create pieces that combat society's filters on human potential. I could recreate the space I felt at the threshold of death. I could emulate the serenity and global comprehension that does not disconnect one being from another. I didn't stop ever since, and I work in a world in motion where I invite the individual to synchronize with his human side.