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Jean Wennerlyn

Can you share with us some of your favorite aspects of the work you do?
I love working with both clients and artists to make a goal or vision become a reality. As a small, in independent art consultant, I enjoy helping clients to add life, creativity and visual interest to their spaces. As an artist agent, it’s very satisfying to help artists put together their applications and proposals to pursue public art opportunities, and then see the projects be installed for all to enjoy. For me and my business, winning is helping others to achieve their goals, having fun doing it, and enjoying the end result.

How did you discover CODAworx, and why are you still part of the community today? An architect friend in Madison, Wisconsin (where CODAworx is headquartered) told me about CODAworx just over 5 years ago. At that time, I only used CODAworx to seek out and apply for Public Art opportunities (RFPs/RFQs) for the handful of artists that I represented. Now that I’m also doing art consulting (curating and bringing art into client’s spaces), I can use CODAworx to find both artists and art for projects I’m working on.

What types of art do you personally enjoy the most, or what would you like there to be more of on  
I personally enjoy modern and abstract artworks and things of unique or usual scale that cause you to look at things differently.
In addition to original artworks, sometimes my clients are interested in affordable fine art prints for their spaces, so they can purchase more artwork within their budgets. I would be great to see some of these on, so there’s something for every budget.

In your business, what percentage of works do you think are commissioned vs. purchased? I’d say it’s about 50/50. It really depends upon the client’s preferences and budget.

Do you have clients who are interested in licensing or renting art? The idea of renting art hasn’t come up yet with my clients, but I imagine this could provide a solution for fitting higher-end artworks into a lower budget. Licensing has come up with client’s when seeking permission to reproduce an artist’s work for a specific application.

Do you have any comments about some of the artwork that has caught your attention on I had the pleasure of seeing Series 6 No. 4 by Merick Reed in-person (paired with Series 6 No. 5 - see 3rd photo in link) during a recent art crawl event in Minneapolis. Wow! It’s great. The high gloss sheen of this piece reflects light in incredible ways! I almost passed Chromorifice by Mark Aeling by, but then I looked closer at the images, and realized what it was made of! Such an amazingly cool piece of art! I’d love to see this museum-worthy piece in-person! The size of Painted Landscape 2 by Beth Kamhi and how it changes from various viewpoints is very cool! (On Raven #2 by Brad Wilson): I love the black on black in this awesome photograph. (About Gathering Up the Goddess by Dorothy Fagan): Great color and energy in these pieces! (Commenting on A Cutting Remark by Mark Aeling): Another super unique concept by this obviously very creative artist! 

  • Original price $3,000 - Original price $3,000
    Original price
    $3,000 - $3,000
    Current price $3,000
    23'' H x 45'' W x 6'' D

    Series 6 No. 4

    Merick Reed

    Diptych. Super gloss black powder coat on aluminum. Can be combined with Series 6 No. 5.

  • Original price $50,000 - Original price $50,000
    Original price
    $50,000 - $50,000
    Current price $50,000
    48'' H x 72'' W x 12'' D


    Mark Aeling Studio

    Made from over 10,000 colored pencils, Chromorifice addresses pixelization. The pixels become ‘hyper-realized’ as they create an oversized pair of ...

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  • Original price $3,600 - Original price $3,600
    Original price
    $3,600 - $3,600
    Current price $3,600
    96'' H x 55'' W x 8'' D

    Painted Landscape 2

    Beth Kamhi BRK Enterprises LLC

    Painted landscape series is best when viewed in a spacious surrounding such as a lobby where you can fully experience the change in appearance from...

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  • Original price $2,500 - Original price $6,500
    Original price
    $2,500 - $6,500
    $2,500 - $6,500
    Current price $2,500
    20'' H x 29'' W

    Raven #2

    Brad Wilson Photography

    Archival digital pigment print.Produced and signed by the artist.Available in the following sizes (unframed):20” x 29” (Edition of 15)      $2,500....

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  • Original price $28,500 - Original price $28,500
    Original price
    $28,500 - $28,500
    Current price $28,500
    66'' H x 126'' W

    Gathering Up the Goddess|EARTH HEALING TRIPTYCH MURAL

    Dorothy Fagan Fine Art

    Awaken Dormant CreativityTop down river view abstract landscape taps into dormant winter earth energy. Hibernating life force is symbolized by eart...

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  • Original price $28,000 - Original price $28,000
    Original price
    $28,000 - $28,000
    Current price $28,000
    48'' H x 72'' W x 12'' D

    A Cutting Remark

    Mark Aeling Studio

    A companion to “Butterfly Kiss,” this sculpture functions as a “yang” to the Kiss’s “yin,” constructed with 1500 pairs of surgical scissors. Lips c...

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