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About Us

About CODAworx

CODAworx is the hub of the commissioned art economy.  We connect artists to the people seeking art and the industry of collaborators who make it happen.

We are on a mission to transform every space in the world through great placemaking commissions, matching creative talent with creative opportunities, and providing digital tools that streamline the commission workflow process.  And we are proud to be at the center of the global movement of creative activism, supporting and promoting professionals who are changing the world with their art.

The CODAworx website has attracted design + art members from 93 countries. Over 9,000 projects are featured on CODAworx, with budgets totaling over $2 billion. 



This year, CODAworx has launched a new program,, to provide access to the curated work of talented public artists in the CODAworx community. 

We are known as a network for creative revolutionaries skilled at producing large-scale public art commissions.  Now, you can find smaller versions of these projects - beautiful sculpture, tech art, and artworks that transform walls - all for sale on CODAmarket.  You can also learn more about the sellers, connect directly with any questions, and once you have made a buying decision, you purchase from the artist.

Connections is what CODAworx is all about!

Connections is what CODAworx is all about!

If you are seeking creative talent, CODAworx can help you:

- Find artists or artist collectives

- Connect with industry resources to realize your project

If you are a creative professional, CODAworx can help you:

- Showcase your design + art projects

- Discover opportunities for work

- Sell your artwork on the platform

Learn more about the benefits of membership in CODAworx, and join our universe of creative revolutionaries!

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We're thrilled to be making connections between artists and art lovers.