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Contemporary paper art installation
472'' H x 433'' W x 60'' D
45 lb
Sofia, Central Sofia, Bulgaria, EU
Artwork ANCIENT MESSAGES is a site-specific sculpture installation, created for the Bulgarian Presidency in the EU. Each of the scrolls has a unique view because is created with some ancient symbols or just an abstract view created with Sumi techniques. The price of 36000 USD is for all installations from 12 scrolls long between 315 to 320 in. The material is canvas covered with paper and looks like leather. All composition is high 472 in and large 433 in, but also could be arranged separately some of them as a commission, depending on the space and wish of the customer. Each scroll can be sold for 2500 to 4200 USD depending on the size and image. Depending on the space, can order the installation with smaller schools. Smaller scrolls that are not so monumental, good for the bright interior with a high ceiling. This can be negotiated with the customer by arranging some of the scrolls in an appropriate size in other compositions.
Original price $36,000 - Original price $36,000
Original price
$36,000 - $36,000
Current price $36,000
Ships from: Sofia, Central Sofia, Bulgaria, EU

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