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84'' H x 48'' W x 2'' D
33 lb
Lexington, Kentucky, United States
Antiquity Dive I is created with oil glazes using dry mineral pigments over marble dust with metal on wood. (2 panels) The surface is built up with ca 20 layers of different blues. The marble dust is applied between the first 5 layers. By sanding parts of the surface between each layer to reach the white of the marble dust, highlights are created that absorbs the blues in different way, hence a very rich translucent feeling, which is what Steene experiences when diving in the water off the beautiful Greek island of Paros, where she spends time every year. Paros is world famous for its white translucent marble now as well as many thousand years ago, hence small treasurers can still be found when diving!

"The painting is composed like the levels of a cut-away in an archeological dig. The three-fold layers of sky, sea, and deep earth are heightened by her use of rich textures and bold colors: the rosy luminosity of dawn and dusk, the cool blues of ocean depths and the soft, mineral surfaces of what is hidden deep within the earth as well as the sea. Steene uses a monolithic shape placed low (like something precious and hidden) but perhaps referencing an opening.”
Jason Lahman, CODAworx
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