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At the Waterhole · 1999
Bronze on granite and wood base on turntable
15'' H x 24'' W x 19'' D
74 lb
Loveland, Colorado, United States
Some may think of elephants as just big, round shapes on cylindrical legs, but I find fascinating nuances of line and form in their huge and expressive bodies. This, and their great heads - the bony structure so evident under the wrinkles of skin, the undulating shapes of their colossal ears, and those eyes, so deep, so sad, so wise - inspired me to do this sculpture. Since elephants live within such strong social bonds, the females staying in family groups all their lives, I put two together in this statement of closeness and interdependence, as one stands watch while the other drinks at the waterhole.

Limited edition number 10 of 24
Original price $9,900 - Original price $9,900
Original price
$9,900 - $9,900
Current price $9,900
Ships from: Loveland, Colorado, United States

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