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Canoe People · 2018
Vulcanized latex , cotton layers, fragments from cedar strip canoes, quills, dried flowers, natural colour from the wood...
82'' H x 64'' W x 5'' D
50 lb
Toronto, ON, Canada
The Canoe People series began when I relocated to a rural barn studio on the edge of the Canadian wilderness in 2007. I was thinking about North American history, Climate Change, refugees, and how the continent was originally travelled, in these vessels along the river system. I had many memories with my family in canoes: life journey vessels, both male and female. In Canada the canoe may be as iconic as the flag. These pieces are made off old cedar strip canoes I found in the area. They are like Couples, together yet separate,mirrored, illuminated, so one can see their souls. Or perhaps 2 sides of the mind. Unlit: ancient parchments. Organic cathedral windows. Materials: vulcanized latex and gauze, LED backlighting, quills,embedded dried flowers, black fir frames/lightboxes.
Original price $23,000 - Original price $23,000
Original price
$23,000 - $23,000
Current price $23,000
Ships from: Toronto, ON, Canada

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