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Fresh Window (after Duchamp) · 2022
Wire mesh
31'' H x 22'' W x 6'' D
6.1 lb
Ashland, OR, United States

Balanced between enclosed structure and open space, this work emanates a sense of serenity. Inspired by Mondrian in spirit, and after Duchamp’s iconic “Fresh Widow” in form, light can permeate even this work’s darkest panes.


This is a dense and multi-layered artwork, hand-stitched by artist-sculptor, Anne Baxter. Its three separate panels have been attached to a free-standing base, allowing perception of this work as an actual window (via x-ray vision of its window-frame seams). 


Artwork can be set onto a pedestal (both in a central space, or in front of wall); mounted onto a wall (with brackets beneath); and can also be set into a recessed display area.  Front side of artwork has recessed window panes; back side presents as one flat plane.  Ideal display height is around 39 inches. 


Presents well in varied lighting environments.  Natural light brings subtle presentation; professional lighting can create dramatic shadow resonances.  Color is silver-grey metallic with subtle shimmer.
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Ships from: Ashland, OR, United States

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