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Gathering Up the Goddess|EARTH HEALING TRIPTYCH MURAL · 2021
oil on canvas
66'' H x 126'' W
Richmond, VA, United States

Awaken Dormant Creativity

Top down river view abstract landscape taps into dormant winter earth energy. Hibernating life force is symbolized by earth tone linear structures. A balance of warm and cool tones is punctuated by the sudden presence of pink and green. Indigo, the third eye balanced by heart center greens and goddess pink gather sparks to ignite the flow.

Painted with layers of oil paint, oil paint stick, and willow charcoal, this triptych mural can be displayed side by side on stretchers (66" x 126".) Alternatively, the paintings could be installed directly on the wall, mouldings applied to the installation framing the unit together (approx 72" x 144".)  

66" x 126" overall triptych image size
66" x 42" image area of each canvas, if stretched
72" x 48" each canvas unstretched, imagery painted to the edge for image wrap.
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Original price $28,500 - Original price $28,500
Original price
$28,500 - $28,500
Current price $28,500
Ships from: Richmond, VA, United States

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