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Gnarly Old Oak · 2018
Acrylic and Ink on Canvas
36'' H x 49'' W x 18'' D
8 lb
PfAfftown, NC, USA
This large, unusual painting features an ink drawing of an old oak. Bordering top and bottom are detail squares of birds, butterflies and animals. The tree is featured in the center with small landscapes, animals, leaves, native plants and other drawings surrounding. The contrast between the white background, central section and the borders was most important. The center section of this painting was reproduced for the donor recognition wall of a major hospital. Each donor signed their name to the print and the date of their donation - it was titled, "Tree of Life".
Original price $4,500 - Original price $4,500
Original price
$4,500 - $4,500
Current price $4,500
Ships from: PfAfftown, NC, USA

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