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Harvest Amber Wall Panel · 2022
Fused Glass
40'' H x 16'' W x 1'' D
25 lb
Seattle, WA, United States

Fused glass wall panels from Mark Ditzler Glass Studio are a unique alternative to framed wall art.  The glass colors are brilliant, the glass is smooth and durable, and will never fade.  The panels feature our signature twisted cane.  These canes are made in our hot shop exclusively for the purpose of being re-melted into fused glass.  This process exposes the beautiful inner structure of the cane to view and be appreciated.   In this way our studio is innovative, the only studio to use this technique in fused glass.  The panels also include colorful iridized glass, Italian-style murrini, gold or silver foils, and brilliant dichroic glass.  When creating a composition, these glass design elements are arranged to the artist's satisfaction and the entire panel is fired to 1500 F, where it becomes one seamless piece. Once cooled, the panel has a reflective backing applied.  It is then mounted to 3/4" plywood, ready for installation.  Hardware for installation is included.

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Ships from: Seattle, WA, United States

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