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Insect Writing with Gas Pipe · 2021
Vulcanized latex, cotton layers, metallic pigments, carbon, graphite, gas pipe
48'' H x 32'' W x 6'' D
20 lb
Toronto, ON, Canada
In 2018 I began ‘imprinting’ the patterns insects—ants, beetles—chew into fallen logs and trees...our Forests are threatened with human activity and Climate Change. The patterns remind me of cuneiform writing, musical scores, landscapes, lightning storms...I fill them with metallic pigments and graphite/carbon to connect them to mining… There developed a series both larger and small, framed or not...some suspended from gas pipes like tapestries, others “framed” in integral LED lightboxes, usually Fir. The patterns are a secret writing, causing us to reflect on our lives … random yet composed, directionless yet purposeful, environmental Abstract-Expressionism, or Zen. The Pine Beetle on some trees actually chews out a reflection of its own body a Self-Portrait.
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Ships from: Toronto, ON, Canada

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