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oil on canvas
72'' H x 216'' W
Richmond, VA, USA

Join'd We Light the Night  Embody earth as you enter between a night sky of dreams and a waterfall of Effervescence on the rocks. Metaphors for our experience of life, two 6' oil paintings embrace our duality as humans.

Hope Glimmers Centered in the space, the landscape slices into five elongated 6' canvas strips, tethered to heaven. Undulating with air currents, each sparkles with copper collage.

Feel cocooned among heart-centered greens and blues, secrets of the heart veiled and revealed. Dissolve into deep watery shadows, intermingle with shimmering light.

Nature breaks through the veil with pearlescent acrylic, twigs, movement, stillness. 
Poetry, prose, dreams suspended throughout offer threads of inspiration from the viewers' own imagination.

INSTALLATION ELEMENTS  Earth Sky Water opaque, translucent, and undulating canvas and fabric panels formulated from dreams, haiku, and paintings.

2 six-foot squares canvases are painted in oil, oil paint stick, willow charcoal. Can be stretched or draped.

5 elongated vertical canvases are back-painted with copper acrylic, painted in oil, oil paint stick, willow charcoal with copper collage. 

7' x 3' open weave fabric panels are painted in pearlescent acrylic, visible on both sides.

Haiku dream ribbons acrylic painted on crinkle fabric.

Original price $54,000 - Original price $54,000
Original price
$54,000 - $54,000
Current price $54,000
Ships from: Richmond, VA, USA

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