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LINEA, is an illuminated wall sculpture first inspired by the very practical, but extremely well-designed Italian wall radiators that are amazing examples of functional design. The title also refers to the “lineage” of all glassmakers in the lines of a 3500-year history. The depth and honor a glassmaker feels to be part of this rare tradition is subtly noted.

Pulled hot glass bubbles into tubing created with 14K gold-ruby, chrome-silver coating and transparent glass illuminated with xenon (like neon) tube in perforated steel to create transitions and layers of light. Distortion of chrome mirror surfaces, create a concentration of light refractions and reflections. Using noble gas Xenon to illuminate will forever illuminate with electrical charge. Looking at oneself in the reflective surfaces, it can attract the viewer and draw them into a trick of the eye attempting to focus on the light waves, and find themselves.
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