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LivenLuLu 50LLLA2 · 2019
Fiberglass, resin, white autobody paint, high gloss clear coat
47'' H x 42'' W x 38'' D
10 lb
New York, NY, United States
A human being is who we are as a form of life, when the individual is this human being deformed by the filters of the society.I believe we are part of a whole, we are all connected, and our interaction has consequences in a bigger plan than our-self. A believe I experienced during a clinic death when I was 10 years old and challenged everyday since.So, I created a character design without exterior distinctive signs: no real gender, no color, no religion’s reference, no social environment, no distinction, only the representation of the human being we are deeply inside. The LivenLuLu is here to remind us we are all human being before to be an individual of this society. By the movements I express emotions, they define who we are, since our life is dictate by those feelings. I open a dialogue between your true self as a human being, by touching a deep part of you and your individual side, in your daily life.
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$38,000 - $38,000
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Ships from: New York, NY, United States

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