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Maple Tree Couple · 2018
Vulcanized latex on cotton layers, embedded bark fragments
2x57'' H x 2x32'' W x 2x4.5'' D
2x35 lb
Toronto, ON, Canada
This piece is priced individually and as a Diptych—12 k each or 22k the pair. In my process I work backwards-- intuiting a form, shape, different layers of densities which will affect the light and shadows, in reverse as I do a piece on a Tree. Like a Contrary. I don’t know what will appear. This piece was unusual. One side seems a Torso, but perhaps also a Bison head. In Kansas in the pasture gullies I found Bison skulls in the banks on my grandparents’ farm. The other side came out much like a Horse’s head. Same Tree, different Sides. I would enjoy doing works from Couples’ Own Trees, which would always be a Surprise…
Original price $22,000 - Original price $22,000
Original price
$22,000 - $22,000
Current price $22,000
Ships from: Toronto, ON, Canada

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