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Mason House: "East" · 2018
Vulcanized latex, cotton layers, lath fragments, porcupine quills, urethane resin, Douglas Fir LED light box
72'' H x 50'' W x 4.5'' D
50 lb
Toronto, ON, Canada
This piece was made on an old lath wall in an abandoned farmhouse near my studio. The sun was setting...and I did a circle of porcupine quills in it, with a red urethane square. It was a big round red setting sun. It reflected the way my heart felt watching the sun set in October, when the days get short up North. There is a strong composition and balance. The lath was unusual and old, as it had organic edges, sawn from sapling branches. The LED system in the lightbox frame illuminates the work like layers of time. Unlit, it feels like a memory of an old way of life that is rapidly being lost.
Original price $22,000 - Original price $22,000
Original price
$22,000 - $22,000
Current price $22,000
Ships from: Toronto, ON, Canada

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