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Nacimiento de la Mariposa · 2020
Furniture with Wood Marquetry and mixed metal leaf.
17.5'' H x 43'' W x 38'' D
50 lb
Austin, TX, USA

When we saw the veneer, we realized book matching the leaves would form butterfly wings, and that inspired this coffee table.  As the process of collaboration evolved, the whimsical idea of adding caterpillars emerged to signify the important transformational stages of the insect.  Interestingly, gluing the caterpillar marquetry strips to the solid wood bodies turned out to be the most challenging aspect of this project with a number of failures over several days.  The Roble veneer for the top reveals the wings and a Peony flower along with a riot of textures rarely seen in a burl.  

Veneers Used: Roble, Imbuya Burl, Mahogany, Holly, Black and Yellow Dyed Poplar.  Cherry comprises the table frame and legs.  Plastic was used for caterpillar antennae.  Catalyzed lacquer finish.
Original price $4,800 - Original price $4,800
Original price
$4,800 - $4,800
Current price $4,800
Ships from: Austin, TX, USA

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