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Painted Landscape 2 · 2016
Industrial ball chain, acrylic paint, aluminum
96'' H x 55'' W x 8'' D
20 lb
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Painted landscape series is best when viewed in a spacious surrounding such as a lobby where you can fully experience the change in appearance from a side view.   From a distance you see a faint pattern, but as you get closer you see the pattern appear more vibrant and as you pass by the pattern fully exposes itself to you.

Hand painted in acrylic paints in a mid century classic vibe.   Sophisticated, subtle and interesting.   Hangs from a wire in the center and attaches to the wall on each end.  Notice the wonderful arc of the piece for more added interest.
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Original price
$3,600 - $3,600
Current price $3,600
Ships from: Chicago, Illinois, United States

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