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Contemporary sculpture installation
129'' H x 157'' W x 129'' D
122 lb
Sofia, Central Sofia, Bulgaria
Artwork PAST.PRESENT.FUTURE is a site-specific sculpture installation, depending on the space. Each of the Trees has a unique view because is created from many different papers between white and beige. Some parts are hand-made papers and some part is from very strong craft papers. The price of 26000 USD is for all installations from 18 Trees but also could be arranged separately for some trees as a commission, depending on the space and wish of the customer. Each Tree can be sold for 1500 to 3200 USD depending on the size, weight and composition. The installation can be combined with white marble stones on the ground or just simply arranged on the floor, therefore separately trees can be ordered. The weight of each of them is between 5 lb to 13 lb.Each of the Trees is created with very hard paper tubes and the crown is with some elements inside to fix the position. After is covered with special paper and the crown is from transparent hard paper, which helps for this form. Depending on the space can be installed in the free area. It can be installed at some angle but will be not so attractive if is not surrounded by the space and with good light from the ceiling. The art light can make the sculpture installation more attractive. This sculpture installation is Contemporary paper art, that stays very well in a minimalistic contemporary-coloured interior in a private or public space. This installation was shown in many variations and combinations in the Biennials and special projects.Can be arranged the Trees in an appropriate size for the customer.
Original price $26,000 - Original price $26,000
Original price
$26,000 - $26,000
Current price $26,000
Ships from: Sofia, Central Sofia, Bulgaria

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