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Plan · 2016
Archival giclee
36'' H x 30'' W
3 lb
Toronto, ON, Canada
“Plan” is a Dr. Seuss-like imaginary drawing of underground pipeline systems like an urban songline. It is also about energy moving or a mind map. Drawn in oilbar over 15 architects’ and engineering drawings of developments and underground networks, it humorously inquires about the Future.The original drawing is 15’ wide by 13’ high and each unit is 36” x 42”. It is available as Limited Edition Giclee Prints, an Edition of 9 sets, of 15 prints per set. Sizes could be variable, I chose 30” x 36” as a standard size, but they could be larger, perhaps 36” x 42”. The price is per print but is adjustable if someone wanted a number of them or a whole set. I have not scanned the entire drawing as one print but am in the process of doing so. Discounts for multiples.
Original price $2,000 - Original price $2,000
Original price
$2,000 - $2,000
Current price $2,000
Ships from: Toronto, ON, Canada

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