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Planets Beaming · 2023
Wire mesh
14.75'' H x 22'' W x 2.75'' D
2.3 lb
Ashland, Oregon, USA
These delicate planet-like forms have been created using superimposed layers of square lattices. Planets appear to drift and rotate along, as lighting fluctuates within the environment.  Light appears to beam forth through this artwork, emanating from its background wall-space.  Interconnection between artwork and background allows seamless integration with any interior space.


This one-of-a-kind work has been created using a technique of hand-stitching with wire, created by artist-sculptor, Anne Baxter. Color is copper-toned metallic.
Original price $5,300 - Original price $5,300
Original price
$5,300 - $5,300
Current price $5,300
Ships from: Ashland, Oregon, USA

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