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Portrait series "Beauty in the Diversity of Ethnicities" | Tribute to Yara Shahidi · 2022
39'' H x 27'' W
New York City, New York, USA

Empowering women and gender equality, the series of portraits called “Beauty in the Diversity of Ethnicities” is handmade with 24 karat gold, silver, silk, and coated threads.
This series of six portraits will honor incredible women chosen thanks to their history, achievements, investments in humanitarian causes and believes.
Tribute to Yara Shahidi, Lupita Nyong’o, Salma Hayek, Lucie Lui, Angelina Jolie and Norah Jones.

The thread-drawing technique consists of laying precious threads one next to the other in order to create a 2D visual with or without volume.
The four stages of this process consist in dividing an image into different shades of grey. Followed by the preparation of the work surface.
The most important step of them all, the selection of threads. Possibilities here are endless with a vast array of color and finishes to choose from, allowing for a truly unique artwork.
Last but not least the hand work and thread-drawing process: threads are laid down delicately side by side giving shape and life to the final artwork. 


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Original price
$25,500 - $25,500
Current price $25,500
Ships from: New York City, New York, USA

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