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Sea to Shining Sea · 2017
Acrylic and Ink on Canvas
30'' H x 48'' W x 18'' D
8 lb
Pfafftown, NC, USA
This unusual landscape covers the vast area of the USA from sea to shining sea! The sections of the country are broken up by an ink drawing of an appropriate plant: Palm Tree, Cactus, Grass, Fern and Pitcher Plant. Held together, like the country by two oceans - Sea to Sea, just like the song says. Between the drawings you will find a familiar and iconic landscape of each: the Rocky Mountains, The Desert, Grasslands, Smokey Mountains and the fertile eastern Piedmont. Above each section there are native plants, animals, insects, birds and small scapes applicable to that section. Between are the flying things: birds, leaves, butterflies and other. This painting represents a lot of research and only becomes more interesting as it is studied. One image from a distance and as you get closer and closer, the details emerge.
Original price $4,000 - Original price $4,000
Original price
$4,000 - $4,000
Current price $4,000
Ships from: Pfafftown, NC, USA

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