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Shea's Victoria XXIII red · 2021
acrylic on board
25'' H x 20'' W x 1.5'' D
Markham, Ontario, Canada

Shea's Victoria XXIII red is part of a new series of acrylic paintings, "Blueprint", that evolved out of an ambitious public artwork the artist created for Great Gulf’s condominium development at the corner of Richmond East and Victoria streets in Toronto, Canada. Harvey discovered this was the site of a Beaux-Arts theatre called Shea’s Victoria. The artist constructs the paintings multiple layers of acrylic paint and gel interchangeably, building up depth on the painting surface to create a three-dimensional effect. She repaints luminous highlights, so they leap forward from the deep accretion of gel. Light bouncing off the overlapping transparent brushstrokes causes the paint underneath to shimmer and glow. Protruding from the picture plane, the built-up acrylic surfaces have a powerful, visceral presence that emphasizes the brilliant colours.


Original price $4,800 - Original price $4,800
Original price
$4,800 - $4,800
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Ships from: Markham, Ontario, Canada

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