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The River Runs Through Her|EARTH HEALING DIPTYCH MURAL · 2022
oil on canvas
48'' H x 120'' W
Richmond, VA, United States
Embodying the Earth
Human torso dances across two canvases, hips swaying as the river flows through her, butterflies emerge from energy centers of the womb and breast. The diptych format represents yin and yang, expressing and receiving divine creative energy in harmony with earth. 
Calligraphic drawing created with oil paint stick and willow charcoal carved into impasto oil paint engages viewer's participation to feel the aquafir within. Intuitive mark making, automatic drawing is the artist's channel of Mother Earth's message for healing self and planet.

Oil on gallery wrap canvases
48" x 120" x 1.5" overall
48" x 60" each canvas
Original price $19,400 - Original price $19,400
Original price
$19,400 - $19,400
Current price $19,400
Ships from: Richmond, VA, United States

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