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59'' H x 39'' W x 32'' D
38.8 lb
Sofia, Central Sofia, Bulgaria, EU

The scale Model of an outdoor sculpture composition THREE TOTEMS=

The sculpture THREE TOTEMS was selected after a competition for the Holland Park Exhibition organized by the Royal Society of British Sculptors which was postponed.


Since the creation of the world, Man has always honoured his invisible protectors and called them “gods”. This subject is eternal and limitless because each one of us is deeply conscious he is part of something much bigger and immaculate. One of the first things that Man did in his attempts to define the world in pictures always included the image of a god. People in most ancient civilizations attributed gods to natural happenings, symbols of this usually being statues or totems, which have always had special votive places in holy places or temples. These were the most sacred places inhabited by Man where he found peace to interact with the Universe and pray. These are places where secret acts were carried out, sacrifice, special rituals or meditation.

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$10,200 - $10,200
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Ships from: Sofia, Central Sofia, Bulgaria, EU

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