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Tree Knees · 2018
Winterstone, Steel wall-mount
48'' H x 36'' W x 8'' D
50 lb
Toronto, ON, Canada
For my last museum show I cast a number of forms from the inverted forks of fallen trees, mostly maples. Inverted, they evoke our own bodies...These are cast in Winterstone, a fine white exterior grade ‘cement’ mixed with resin, backed with fiberglass and a metal armature. Some are larger some smaller, all anthropomorphic, connecting our bodies to Nature and Trees. They could be cast in bronze but I haven’t done this yet. At the time they are wall mounted or lie horizontal but could also be freestanding...given Climate Change and the destruction of Trees, the exploration relates to Magdalena Abakanowicz’ hollow figures, e.g. in Grant Park, Chicago…Other pieces are available and illustrated in the installation shots in the Listing.
Original price $7,500 - Original price $7,500
Original price
$7,500 - $7,500
Current price $7,500
Ships from: Toronto, ON, Canada

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