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Wasp Nest · 2018
7'' H x 16'' W x 16'' D
35 lb
Toronto, ON, Canada
This is one piece of a series of wasp nests I began casting in bronze. To me they represent a foundation of architecture: the way they are built, layers for ventilation, finely chewed cellulose rows in beautiful digital printing... They are like conflicted wombs, both nurturing and threatening. A Nature-based replacement of the classical Grecian urn… In casting them the ephemeral becomes permanent, symbolizing how we need to change our relationship with Nature, so that her forms, rather than our human narrative, become more prominent. When cast with their branch, they even have umbilical cords…There is also a comb separate from the nest. The work ships in a strong custom wooden box.
Original price $14,500 - Original price $14,500
Original price
$14,500 - $14,500
Current price $14,500
Ships from: Toronto, ON, Canada

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